Nature Walks & Pottery

It is the visits to adjoining places of scenic beauty that will cause you to stop and wonder at the beauty that nature is. As you take a nature walk through deciduous teak jungles for hours without end, you will feel humbled and awed by the presence of Mother Nature. The fascinating and almost silent jungle environment ( apart from the rustle of leaves and the occasional cry of a monkey or a bird call ) ensures the walk is not tiring but refreshing. After the walk, you could just sit by the lake sipping tea, spotting the wide variety of birds and feel one with the jungle. If your senses crave for more, we can arrange for lunch or dinner with a tribal family that could help you appreciate their culture and lifestyle.

You can even try your hand at sculpting clay at the potters. Or maybe just laze in the small open spaces, perched atop a height, with an eye on the jungle landscape, reading a book. The kids could try rope-climbing or learning how to pitch tents.

Outbound & Offsite Activities

PENCH TRIBAL CAMP is an excellent space for outbound training activities. We have specialized professionals with vast personal experience who have handled large groups of multinational banks and also were part of the “Save the Tiger Campaign”.

Jungle Roadies

A high point of your trip to the PENCH TRIBAL CAMP would be exploring the tough jungle terrain in our powered gypsies ( with you on the driver’s seat ) accompanied by an experienced naturalist. Experience the thrill of the unknown as we take you through mystic jungle landscape. Watch this space for more!