5am. It’s biting cold. Not exactly an inviting time to set out in an open jeep and experience the sunrise in the jungle. But that sets the tone for a ‘Spot the Tiger’ trip at the PENCH TRIBAL CAMP. Yes, you can let us book the Safari for you ( to avoid the rush ) or you could simply check out the MP Online link provided here to book the Safari yourself! Just for your interest, we cannot promise you a sighting because, frankly, it is the Tiger’s call!! What you can definitely look forward to is a sumptuous breakfast with our host! For those of you interested in facts and/or stories, there are plenty on offer!

The Reserve gets its name from the Pench River that flows, north to south, 74 km through the reserve. The general topography of Pench Tiger Reserve is mostly undulating, characterized by small ridges and hills having steep slopes, with a number of seasonal streams and nullahs carving the terrain into many folds and furrows, a result of the folding and upheavals of the past.

The Pench Tiger Reserve is open for visitors from November to June. 4 months of the year ( July to October -
in the rainy season ) it is closed due to poor sightings and flooded foliage. Needless to say, there is no SAFARI during this period.

In any case, at TRIBAL CAMP, we want you to soak in the rustic atmosphere of the jungle all the year around – for which we have enough off-season activities to keep you busy.